Things about me

•*1. My belief


They say they built train tracks over the Alps before there was a train that could make the trip. They built it any way. They knew one day the train would come.Any arbitrary turning along the way. Never to be too late, there are full of surprises.


•*2. Life in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Dusseldorf, Munich

I have been lived in four different cities around the world. I am a real city girl.  And I am ready to explore more.

Places I have been

•*3. Classical guitar

I play classical guitar and like classical rock



 •*4. A Big movie fan

My favorite movies including Love actually, Forest Gump, The Hours….



•*5. Reading

I like reading. My favorite writers are Verginia Woolf, George Orwel, Jodi Picoult.


•*6. Painting as my old hobby

I am good at painting and learned it for many years, which in a way cultivated my keen sense to color and  graphics.


•*7.  Travel

I have been to 15 countries in the world and almost every country in Europe
Next stop:  South Afrika


•*8. My career

My career is mainly centered around digital marketing and marketing strategy.


•*9. To help with Mandarin learning

At my leisure time, I help a few foreigners learn Mandarin and know more about Chinese culture.


•*10. Good at sports

I am good at sports. I remember I got straight top marks in almost every kind of subjects in PE lessons. Especially in high jump, I got medals every year in the school sports meeting. Now I swim and jog every week.


•11. My style

I like simple elegant and vintage style.