Smart working practice


The effort you put into your work is not necessarily commensurate with your reward.
Most employers will demand more of you. Smart working practice yields a better return for your effort.

A pay raise is something you need to ask for. However, you shall not do this until you have proved your value. A Shortage of manpower can off you a good opportunities. Ask for it otherwise your company will offer you a pay raise. Therefore, you should ask for one. Your boss will consider it if you have his recognition.

If you are in a bad relationship with your boss, never complain to HR. Try to communicate with your boss. Don’t go above the head of your boss. After all, he is the person who needs to address the problem in the first place.

Don’t try to show off when you come to a new company.The loyalty is more important than how talented you are. If you keep on showing off your ability, your boss is likely to think you are not trustworthy or may even think you are coveting his position. When you first enter a new company, the first thing you need to try is to adapt to the environment and the personality of your colleagues. Lower yourself even if you are an expert.

It’s very dangerous to discuss your private life at work. We spend most of our daily life at  the office and sometimes share our life with our colleagues. Don’t be surprised if your boss assigns some important projects to someone else on the grounds that you have family or personal issues such as recent poor health.

Don’t oppose your boss. Even if your boss is not competent, not smart or not capable, don’t try to do things behind his back. He/she must have some capability to be in this position such as organizational skills, leadership, or loyalty. He/she is the guard who can open the door to recognizing you or promoting you.

Consider all the emails you are sending. Even if you have deleted the email in your mail box, it will stay/remain in the server forever. Don’t send emails purely for entertainment. If your boss is copied into these emails, he/she will think you are wasting time at the office.

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