Amsterdam- My favorite city in Europe

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Amsterdam is an amazing city. When I got off the train, I immediately felt in love with it at first sight of the city center.


It has everything a typical European city will have, beautiful terraced house, nice people, but what makes it special is its unique culture, good reputation for its modern architecture, and pretty ladies, which is no less well-known as the red light street and the famous wind mills.


Imagine living in such city, being an office lady, you have the option to walk along the river across the city after work, or you can go to a fancy bar to pass the time with your friends. It’s surprising that such a relatively small city as Amsterdam can provide with the best life can offer. I even didn’t feel it’s stuffy but the modern vibe with laid back culture. It’s my favorite place to stay.

When I first arrived this city, I was overwhelmed by the intimacy the city offers to a stranger. It’s elegant and delicate by the rivers divide the city. Many times, I can see through the windows of local residents and I’m inspired by the thoughtfulness how they put the furniture together.


It’s also an international city with multi-culture because many international people choose to make it home. I had a hard time in Paris, when it’s hard to communicate with French people with English. But it’s much different in Amsterdam as many people can speak good English. Not to mention that I ‘m always surprised by the amount of Chinese restaurants here. This is due to the fact that its big population of Chinese immigrants.


I remember I went to visit the Van Gogh’s museum on the second day, who is my favorite genius artist. I never felt surprised such a great artist was born in Holland, because this country has its unique Character. Although I didn’t see as many his works as I expected, I felt content anyway, as this is the first time I’m close to an artist and his land.


I told my friend when I was back that Venice is the place I want to go once in my life but Amsterdam is the city that I want to go for the second time. There’re so many thing I can explore there. It’s said that New York- the biggest international city in the world formerly called New Amsterdam. You can imagine how busy it was as a world city long time ago, famous for trade and business.

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