Partnership Development Keywords from this company


Bottom Line

1. The vital rule is don’t give out your bottom line but to know more about your rivals.

Market Research

2. Research more details about them especially about their ready resources and we can get more breakthrough point.


3. To be a listener is much more important than to be a speaker, which is based on Line No.2.


4. Be confident about your product. Convice yourself first before convicing others even if it’s not good, but every product or business development plan has its selling point.


5. Communication deeply can drive more ideas about your vival’s business model.


6. Guanxi is sometimes important in China, but as getting developed, benifit for win-win Strategy is the key.

Best interests

7. Once you are standing for your company, fight for its best interests. Try best give less and get more.

Third Party

8. Even you partner is small scale, but sometimes they have the third party supporter. With the help of the third party, both of you can achieve the best interests. So try to study more.

Ready recource

9.No matter to your boss and partner, prepare first about all the recources you can offer.  Use it whenever opportunites comes. Otherwise, you gonna miss it.

To be continued

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