Pivate and white label

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I think the explanation below will make it clear.

Private label or white label solutions have been proven to be an extremely successful business model
for the online travel industry. Web sites like booking.com , lastminute.com, voyage-sncf.fr or hotels.com,
are all white labels of bigger brands like Expedia or Travelocity.

Private lable被证明是一个非常成功的商业模型,特别是对于网上旅游频道来说,诸如ctrip之类。很多网站, booking.com, lastminute.com, voyage-sncf.fr或者hotels.com都是一些大品牌(Expedia, travelocity)的Private lable。(原来booking.com都属于Private label!)
The PL will enable affiliates to host their own online shop within their domain. They will have
the possibility to gather content ( products, website structure ) by XML or simply using an HTML
I frame.

Private lable 可以让合作伙伴在自己的网上,经验大型品牌的网上商店。他们可以通过XML或者只是简单的使用HTML来聚集内容(产品,网站构架等)。
Plus! Big brandcan generate a white branded checkout page for the partner website, so their users actually
do not have to leave the website enviroment they are comfortable with.


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