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Many website needs more traffic by various approaches. How to measure the marketing effect is what matters to your boss, because they spend large amount of money into it.

So what does website analysis care about?


1.      The measurement of SEO effect

Usually, we use traditional page rank of SERP from search engine to decide the success of SEO, which is directly, very easy, but not that significant for tendency. We need more indicator.

  • Organic Search Traffic, this is of course, not need to be mentioned.
  • Total Organic Traffic, which needs more explanation. If the effect of SEO is significant, this will result in more traffic in search engine, some other traffic in related website would be inspired too. For example, the share from SNS, rate from website of reviews, blog and social network and some direct traffic.
  • Popular keyword. To check which kind of keywords can drive more traffic? What kind of keywords bring visitors who are more interested in product(note: this question is different from the former one)? What kind of keywords could bring more revenue? This keywords have potential business opportunities, Worthing digging by analysis. Only by front Adwords can’t be completed.
  • Visiting depth of SEO traffic. We might encounter such situation, after SEO, rank is lifted, traffic is increased as well, but bounce rate is raised, the depth of visiting depth is decreased, the visiting time is shorter. In this way, the measurement of SEO effect should be emphasized by both quantity and quality.
  • The ROI of SEO. If more cost for SEO, then should calculate the balance of investment and return.
  • Last point, keywords for SERP: Ranking.

2. measurement of SEM and print ads effect

The measurement of SEM is similar to SEO, but emphasize more about ROI. This is because the effect of Ads can divided by link tag. Many tools can realize this function. For example: Google Analytic can connect with Adwords seamlessly, Search Center in Omniture provide the same function as well. Link tag for SEM can refer to :

Printed media is the same as SEM actually, pay attention to division as well as ROI helps the choice of Ads putting.

In addition, the other two fields need to be pay attention:

  •  Traffic brought by SEM and Printed Adsas well as specified traffic for each Ads
  • Popular keywords for SEM;
  • The depth of visiting for SEM and Printed Ads, including bounce rate, visiting time, abandonment rate(refer to :, and conversion.
  • Total Organic Traffic. Similar to SEO, SEM putting and Printed Ads putting will increase the related traffic of organic trafic and other traffic.


3. EDM effect measurement

EDM is a very special field, and one of my favorite marketing. This is because it’s the same as SEM, could be continuously optimized. EDM contains large volume of information, which helps more in conversion. The optimization analysis of EDM is close to SEO.

Besides the indicator itself to EDM, such as Delivery RateOpen RateClick Rate, like other marketing, ROI of EDM is emphasized as the most important KPI. Moreover, specified traffic of EDM can bring us lots of promotion insight. On the other hand, EDM itself has large space to get optimized, the same as webpage, can be a very good “observing platform” to study users behavior.

If possible, we strongly recommend adding supervising code into EDM, so that could analyze and optimize EDM. In addition, link tag should be added, it could provide us with a whole click stream statistic.

Click stream includes

1.      email click comparison,

2.      banner click comparison.

3.      Putting call to action button on the first page compared to on the other page.

EDM has a field could be optimized continuously, that is EDM database. You could modify and add continuously, enable your database more relative.

So if you tell me EDM is the best way of conversion, I’m not surprise, IF you tell me it’s the best way of ROI, I’m not surprise as well.The only problem is that EDM’s traffic can’t be large, which urges us to upgrade it’s quality, add more value on it.

4. the overall analysis of all marketing channel

If link tag and ROI are carried out, the effect brought by various marketing channels can’t be that difficult.

  • Traffic per cost comparison, which can let you know who can drive more profit for you。(of course, traffic can’t eauqals to revenue, which make it possible for you to reallocate your budget,and not necessarily lower the marketing effect, even upgrade the marketing effect on the premise of lowering the cost
  • Traffic quality comparison; I recommend Engagement Index a new method developed by Tenly to study time on page.


To sum up all the traffic and to compare in the same dimention is to give you a insight about overall marketing effects from a higher level. After all, to compare the statistic from EDM and SEM department, is unhappy thing to face to each other. It is because the marketing method is so different, that worth comparison to find their difference, how to use their advantages. This comparison could give you some brand new knowledge.

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