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Differences of living in Hong Kong and in Shanghai

1. I have to say it makes me so miserable that I have no access to Google, facebook, youtube, twitter, which are already, become my daily routine now.最大的悲哀莫过于,中国没有google, youtube, facebook,twitter, 以前还没有wikipedia, picsa, 和wordpress.

2.  Something that I have to mention is the humidity in Hong Kong, which is another big feature of Hong Kong. Remember when it was in February, everything at home got moldy because of the humidity. The A4 paper on the desk became soft just like a tissue. The temperature then is below 20 degree, way below the temperature to have my AC on. But I was told I should have my AC on in order to suck the humidity out.在上海的时候已经觉得很湿了,但是香港的湿的程度可以让放在桌子上的纸都变软了。 这里的饮食习惯很多也都是要祛湿降火。 家里很多东西不注意就要发霉。这点让很多偏北方一点地区的人都不习惯吧。

3. It has becomes a common practice for people to stand on the right side of the escalator and leave a path on the left side for others to walk past them. The idea was promoted in Shanghai during the Shanghai Expo. Sometimes it’s difficult for people follow this practice. This problem is caused by the large mobile population in Shanghai which is virtually impossible to regulate.来香港的人搭地铁都会注意到使用扶手电梯的时候,左行右立已经成为很普遍的社会现象。 而上海世博的时候开始推广的, 但执行力度是不够的。

4. It’s fair to say that in Hong Kong, people‘s overall moral code in public is better than that in Shanghai. In Hong Kong, people will to say sorry when they bump into each other accidently.很公平的说整体社会素质要比上海的高,有时候你会觉得人们太过于习惯地去说sorry.

5. The price of the merchandise in Hong Kong is almost the same. They set quite a reasonable price for similar products. Some of the prices of products will fluctuate in Shanghai. Most of the time, you will have to bargain with the store owner to get a good price on the product, otherwise, you are charged more and it will drive you mad when you see the same item for a much cheaper price in another place.物价在香港比较平均,基本没有讨价还价, 在上海,不讨价还价就被人斩。

6. Allergies in Shanghai are much worse than in Hong Kong.  I have allergy and sneeze almost every morning in Shanghai, but I am fine in Hong Kong for no reason. Some of my friends have the same situation when they travel to Shanghai. This is caused by the high pollution level in the city.我一到上海就每天打喷嚏,一回到香港就好。空气污染程度可见一斑

7. Most domestic merchandise is cheaper in Shanghai than in Hong Kong. But imported such as movies, wine, chocolate, and cosmetics are cheaper in Hong Kong. This price difference is caused by a higher import tax in Mainland China.能自己生产的东西上海便宜, 进口的商品香港便宜(电影,红酒,巧克力, 化妆品)

8. Hong Kong has a higher income and buying capability index than Shanghai. This can be shown in the real estate industry. That means, even the property price is very high in Hong Kong,  Hong Kong’s people have work fewer hours to buy one square meter of an apartment than Shanghai’s people do.香港房价虽贵,但是收入和房价的购买能力的指数还是比上海人要高。

9. Apartment in Hong Kong is very practical.  400 square feet in Hong Kong can be a 3 bedroom apartment. In Shanghai, the same size apartment might only be 1 living room.我竟然能看见40多平米在香港能做成三室一厅, 这算是面积合理利用吗?

10. Hong Kong has a reputation for having excellent service. I can enjoy good service almost every where in Hong Kong. Sales staff are pleasant and be nice to people in order to maximize their profit. In Shanghai, sometimes, you will be upset when you came across some aggressive sales staff.以服务业著称的香港,当然以良好的服务态度著称, 我就从来没在公共场合受到冷遇。

11. In Hong Kong, it is easier for women with higher education to find a job. This is because its prosperous industries are service industries which need more female labor. The city’s higher education is created to incubate elite people. This means that only 10% of the people have the opportunity to go to university。来香港前就听说在香港女人比男人好找工作, 大学生在精英教育的体制下,属于少数人群。 所以女大学生在香港应该待遇还不错。

12. Canton Dessert and Dim Sum are better in Hong Kong than anywhere else.  I can eat real dessert and dim sum here. There is no typical Shanghai dish to me; Shanghai cuisine includes elements of all regional food.在来香港之后,才知道在上海吃的茶餐厅的糖水都不是正宗的广东糖水,还知道了什么是正宗的点心。

13. I work in an office with people of all nationalities. Their practice is quite different. They want to work with people who can be their friends. For example, a girl from Canada once told me that she really wants to make friends at the office and hang out with colleagues after work. Unfortunately her colleague’s comments really hurt her. They said, “We never make friends at the office.” This is how it is in my office. Foreign colleagues like to have a drink after work for the happy hour. The local colleagues are eager to go home or hang out to have dinner with their friends. Foreign colleagues seem to be more active after work. As they said that they feel very guilty just to be at home so much. Chinese people probably would feel guiltier hanging out instead of being at home with their family.在上海的办公室, 女孩子们都很起劲哪里有最新打折,哪里又有优惠券了,总是以最实惠的方式买到自己心仪的东西。 在香港民族大融合的办公室里面, 各国国旗齐差,如果提到哪里有更优惠的东西之类的话题,不但不会引来共鸣,甚至会导致不开心。特别是外国人,不喜欢被别人说哪里可以找到比他们买的东西更 便宜的东西。 香港和上海办公室文化其实相差不是很多, 但在呆过各种人种混杂的办公室后,我深深感到, 外国同事和中国同事的不同。 他们会很乐意和同事们下班了去喝一杯,而中国同事通常只是想要回家或者和他们自己的朋友出去吃个饭。 外国人喜欢和那些可以做朋友的人成为同事。 那些插着各国国旗的人们,特别是欧洲人, 他们喜欢星期一去哪里消费,星期二去哪里玩,星期三去哪里吃饭,星期四去哪里买东西,星期五去哪里聚会,周末留在家里,他们会觉得内疚。 貌似要把所有的薪水都贡献于这个社会,他们才安心,这也是人家国家繁荣富强的原因。

14. There are mountains everywhere in Hong Kong even in the commercial area. The mountains are a unique feature in Hong Kong. Many high buildings are built on slopes. Sometimes it’s very fascinating to look at. The drawback is that no one will bicycle on theses roads.香港到处都是山,连商业区都有崎岖山路。 所以没人骑自行车。 上海的山估计只有小小的一座佘山了。

15. In Shanghai, I can go directly to the best public hospital to see a doctor with my social benefit card. It’s just a one-time-errand. In Hong Kong, in order to cure my back pain I needed to go to the private clinic first to get the recommendation letter. After that I went to the public hospital to get the booking date. This was followed by a two- month of waiting to see the specialized doctor. After that, I needed another recommendation letter to have physiotherapy. I was also told by my insurance company that I needed recommendation letters too to claim back all these fees. This means that when I was seeing the doctor I needed to ask for at least three letters. One is for the next treatment, one is for my company’s sick leave, and one is for the insurance company. It really is a hassle to go to the doctors.我会拿着社会保障卡去上海的任何一个医院看病,一次搞定。 在香港我看一次背痛,首先要先去私家诊所拿介绍信(付费),随后去公立医院预约,随后收到预约纸后才能去看专科(通常2个月后), 看完后还要专科医生介绍信才能去做物理治疗。 其中,开介绍信的费用,看专科的费用,和做物理治疗的费用,每次都要分别去保险公司报销。


16.People in Hong Kong are dedicated professionals. Detail is valued in every work place. In Shanghai, as the city has a fast-developing pace, it has a larger vision but lacks detail. In Hong Kong I learned to be a detail-minded person. The work atmosphere is quite different here from Shanghai. It’s more concentrated, tense, and efficient.香港人以专业著称。不过有时候显得太过于专业而不够灵活,上海人一般被称为很有远见,但有时候有点不注意细节。这是来自一个和中港两 地做生意的老外的评语。

17. The traffic in Hong Kong is also worth mentioning. The taxi fare is HKD 20 for the first 2 km, and then it will charge HKD1.5 for each additional 200 meter. It might be much cheaper than the taxi in Europe, but more expensive then the taxi in Shanghai. As I remember the taxi fare in Shanghai should be RMB 12 for the first 3 km.  My daily fair for the MTR is around HKD 21, which is also much higher than the fair of the subway in Shanghai.


All in all, Hong Kong is a free harbor, which means low tax and freedom of speech. It is a good choice for many people from oversees to bypass the strict policy in China. Unfortunately, everywhere in Hong Kong is very compact. People are more stressed. To think of the good aspects, it is remarkable that such a small city comprises so many high-rises, mountains, and islands. It is also surrounded by sees. I don’t feel so hammed-in when I am on the beach or beside the mountain enjoying the good view.

Compared to Hong Kong, Shanghai is an old international city. It is a metropolis which has a longer history than Hong Kong. Shanghai has its own charisma. There are many charming places such as French Concession in Shanghai. Such classy, old, and nostalgic features of these areas can never be found in Hong Kong.

总的说来,香港是世界上最大的自由港,低税收,有言论自由,这是很多海归想回归 但又害怕被束缚的最佳选择。但香港地方小,活得有点憋屈也是人尽皆知的,孰好孰坏,冷暖自知。 而上海,这个老牌国际大都市,我觉得有很多个人魅力,像我以前爱去的长乐路,新乐路,瑞金路,衡山路,绍兴路,那里汇聚了很多精品小店,这些以前资本主义 的殖民地,那种气度,那种特色,那种经典的感觉,在香港是绝对找不到的。


Places I have been travel

Amsterdam- My favorite city in Europe

Amsterdam is an amazing city. When I got off the train, I immediately felt in love with it at first sight of the city center.


It has everything a typical European city will have, beautiful terraced house, nice people, but what makes it special is its unique culture, good reputation for its modern architecture, and pretty ladies, which is no less well-known as the red light street and the famous wind mills.


Imagine living in such city, being an office lady, you have the option to walk along the river across the city after work, or you can go to a fancy bar to pass the time with your friends. It’s surprising that such a relatively small city as Amsterdam can provide with the best life can offer. I even didn’t feel it’s stuffy but the modern vibe with laid back culture. It’s my favorite place to stay.

When I first arrived this city, I was overwhelmed by the intimacy the city offers to a stranger. It’s elegant and delicate by the rivers divide the city. Many times, I can see through the windows of local residents and I’m inspired by the thoughtfulness how they put the furniture together.


It’s also an international city with multi-culture because many international people choose to make it home. I had a hard time in Paris, when it’s hard to communicate with French people with English. But it’s much different in Amsterdam as many people can speak good English. Not to mention that I ‘m always surprised by the amount of Chinese restaurants here. This is due to the fact that its big population of Chinese immigrants.


I remember I went to visit the Van Gogh’s museum on the second day, who is my favorite genius artist. I never felt surprised such a great artist was born in Holland, because this country has its unique Character. Although I didn’t see as many his works as I expected, I felt content anyway, as this is the first time I’m close to an artist and his land.


I told my friend when I was back that Venice is the place I want to go once in my life but Amsterdam is the city that I want to go for the second time. There’re so many thing I can explore there. It’s said that New York- the biggest international city in the world formerly called New Amsterdam. You can imagine how busy it was as a world city long time ago, famous for trade and business.

Places I have been travel

My European Trip-Germany,Austria,Hungry,Italy,Czech

date country city place period
10/8-10/17 Germany Munich   10
10/17-10/19 Austria Salzburg 哈尔施塔特—达赫施泰因文化景观 day1
Vienna 莫扎特故居Mozart WOHNHAUS day2 day3(2)
新皇宫(Neue Burg)
10/19-10/22 Czech prague 老城广场/布拉格城堡 day4(night)day52)
Hungry 布达佩斯Budapest 渔人堡,皇宫, day5day6(2)
Czech prague   day7(1)
  Germany 天鹅堡   day7(0.5)
Berlin 柏林墙/勃兰登堡门 4
11/1-11/9 Italy munich-波泽   day1
Milan 米兰大教堂 day2(1)
Castello Sforzesco 城堡
Venice 圣马可广场 day3day4(2)
Pisa,锡耶纳   day4
Florence 阿卡迪米亚美术馆—–大卫雕像 day5(1)
Rome&Vatican 第一天:卡拉卡浴场(看古老浴室)-科思梅丁圣母教堂(看诚实之口)-万神殿-纳沃纳广场-特维特喷泉-西班牙广场及西班牙台阶)-人民广场-天使的圣玛利亚教堂 day6day7( 2) 
Napoli   day8(1) 
Rome-munich   day9(1) 
11/10-11/11   Munich 圣母大教堂(Dom),市政厅,功勋大(Feldherrnhalle),皇宫,皇家啤酒馆(Am Platzl广场) 2
希腊博物馆(Glyptothek),文物博物馆(Antikensammelungen) 和冷巴赫艺术馆(Lenbachhaus)。
  卡洛林广场(Karolinenplatz),现代艺术陈列馆(Pinakothek der Moderne),古绘画陈列馆(Alte Pinakothek)。
Places I have been

Shanghai in a foreigner’s eyes

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A typical visitor’s perspective, I even don’t go these places by myself, not to mention taking the magnetic levitation. I prefer the boutiques on Shanxi Road and Chang le Road or some lovley art factories along the Su Zhou River.Anyway, It reminds me of Shanghai,my hometown~

Every year Shanghai’s skyline looks more like a backdrop from the original Star Trek TV show.


It’s even crazier at night.

Their most recent addition is the Shanghai World Financial Center, which opened to the public about 6 weeks ago. At 470 meters, its observation deck is the highest of any building in the world (excluding towers like the CN in Toronto, and the Burj in Dubai which isn’t quite finished yet).


It also has the distinction of being the world’s largest bottle opener.

This model shows the original concept, which included a giant alien bird thing at the top. They had to cut it for safety reasons.

The Financial Center towers over the adjacent Jin Mao, which was once the third tallest building in the world. It now looks diminished and bitter — the Jeb Bush of skyscrapers.

The top part of the bottle opener has glass floors so you can look down at the bottom part of the bottle opener. Likewise, from the bottom part, you can look up at the top.

This is all much more horrifying than it sounds. To illustrate, behold the abject terror of this bratty little kid.

World’s ballsiest window washers.

The area surrounding the Financial Center is littered with dozens of also-ran skyscrapers. They’re all very nice, and all practically invisible next to the bottle opener and the totally ridiculous, sphere-adorned Oriental Pearl tower.

Pudong is the little peninsula with all the skyscrapers on it. We took a ferry across for about $0.17. It was a mad rush of scooters amongst the constant stream of barges along the Huang Pu river.

To get back we took the “tourist tunnel,” which is a tram that runs underneath the river. It costs 50 times more, but it includes a light show and inflatable creatures that bang against the carriage, so that’s some added value.

Visited the Yu Yuan gardens. Meh.

Smelled one of the worst odors I’ve ever come across in my life.

Melissa very nearly flash-vomited.

A stroll along the Bund.

The People’s Heroes Memorial celebrates the two founding principles of modern Shanghai: tallness and concreteness.

Here’s a tip: when naming your restaurant, avoid the word “waterborne”.

Stayed at the Grand Hyatt. After an exhausting first day, we didn’t even leave the hotel for the second day and instead made the most of its fantastic gym/pool/spa facility.

This is a new kind of travel for me. I could get used to doing it on occasion.

Took the Mag Lev train to the airport — as in “magnetic levitation.” It’s the first commercial mag lev train in the world. It can reach a top speed of about 430kph, but ours topped off at 301kph.

The train only runs 30 kilometers, so it’s a brisk 7 minute ride. You get up to speed, then you start slowing down. I can only assume it’s more of a “tech demo” than anything else. A few months ago they announced a new line connecting Shanghai to Hangzhou about 150 km’s away, so maybe that’ll feel a bit more purposeful.

That’s Nick, who we’re traveling with.