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Computer only has 17 years to get developed for what we are using now.Commercialization of an international network just comes up for around 15 years. But there have been several centralization and decentralization movement for internet to evolve. It was characterized by the emerging and the prevalence of new internet tools.


We can update technique to utilize internet as a business tool to control this niche market. But the tendency is that internet will be back to niches once again.


In today’s landscape, the search engine rules the internet, and social networks are coming up. Every mini-site such as blog and social network are combating internet giants to attract attention.


Several years ago, business man started to use internet as their marketing tool to exhibit their products. But for today’s market, hyperlink is far from being sufficient. Online usage has become so pervasive today, because every customers and clients expect a business to have a website. Then there comes with the numbers of online services such as pay per click, seo, and web analytic. The combination of different Medias is the only way to get survived. Not to mention many businesses has already put on the social network. While Marketer and media provider are wracking their brains to figure out the new Marketing strategy, technician are thinking about how their technique could help with these business and divide up the market profit. Is it just business or technique?


In my mind, such an online business can have such characters as follows:

1. Embrace the niche market.

  As long as it’s related with internet, no giant can take fully control of it, because it’s such a niche market and actually can not be controlled.


2. Easy to become popular all over the world and easier to be kicked out.

   The information communication is so fast. You gonna be soon kicked out by your competitor, if you are not using the newest technology.


3. Woman takes bigger role in social media.

The study found that 86% of US women now have a profile on at least one social networking site, with 50% of female social media users saying they have purchased products because of information on social networking sites, and 40% reporting they have used coupon codes found on social networks.


4. Online business could become a larger business.

Many Online-businesses are partnership with Google. Such a mutual reliance are better than competence among each media companies. There’re chances everywhere which are not only for Google. Particularly, what will happen if Google no longer serves for China? There probably be another Google comes up. Social network as another online giant to attract users has already takes the other market in just these 2 years.


5. On-line business not only means the platform like traditional media. I

It could create product as well as service. It could be online as well as offline. It could be combination of different media. It could be a marriage of your competitors. Huge profit is standing behind it.


I had an interview by some online marketing consultant, and was amazed that how can a marketing agency who is doing business in such a relatively new industry become such a big group. It is growing up fast, stealthily, and magnificently. The velocity is faster than the cognitive consciousness of the people. Some specialist said: “no, I didn’t hear of it.” I can understand, even google is just popular within 10 years.


I have no idea which would be the master of future media; technique leads the business, or business leads technique. This is partly because everyone nowadays is lured by big profit temptation. But I can’t help thinking this big cake is splitting up. Even financial magnate couldn’t reverse this situation in such an unstable finance system. In this way, I believe many people can hold home business or as a freelance because of the reasonably low cost to start and maintain a web presence….But as for me, I actually need a full-time Job which could allow me to distribute all of me to my company.



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Making The Case For Brand Building Through Hyper-Targeting

by Russell Fradin, Tuesday, Nov 25, 2008 7:46 AM ET

Competitive companies should not drastically cut back branding efforts in this economy. History has shown that strong brands ramp up marketing efforts and initiatives during tough times in order to take advantage of its competitors’ weak state. Of course, don’t overspend. You just have to find a way to effectively immerse your most valuable audiences in your brand. 

 A ZenithOptimedia study revealed that Internet advertising will increase its share of the world ad budget from 8% in 2007 to nearly 14% in 2010. Online advertising will bring more opportunities for creative brand building due to more budget dedicated to it. The challenge, however, is limitations on the creative experience.

Brand builders have to deliver compelling, engaging creative to the most targeted audience. You can’t substitute the range of options you get with television commercials for a static banner on the Web — although the “Get a Mac” banner ads are pushing the boundaries. Furthermore, beyond the space and usability limitations from publishers, marketers have to realize that up to 90% of a media budget may miss the target. How do you know where your audience is when the Internet is continuing to fragment at an alarming pace? The answer is hyper-targeting.

The concept has had its misconceptions. Audiences tuned out when sites like MySpace and Facebook hinted at using information such as interests, hobbies and activities to “hypertarget” an audience that’s generating millions of page views. Let’s look at this a different way.

Today, there may be one to two millions web sites appropriate for brand advertising. With consumers spending over 65% of their online time on these web sites rather than the top 20 sites, according to comScore, each of these web sites attracts valuable audiences because of their focus on their topic. Whether it’s,,, or, these sites attract and speak to very specific audiences — naturally and deeply targeted audiences. This is the hyper-targeted audience. Contextual targeting where the context was determined by subject matter experts — people, editors, etc.

The audiences that are attracted to contextual hyper-targeted sites reported to comScore that they find the information as trustworthy as on larger sites and that they pay attention to this advertising as much or more than on larger sites.

The challenge is to find the right contextual hyper-targeted sites for brand campaigns. Vertical ad networks offer the best solution for that problem as these networks are pulled together by trusted editors who are part of large publishers and entrepreneurs, whose very survival depends on their reputation with brand advertisers. Marketers trust these subject matter experts who evaluate and invite the most on-target, brand-safe publishers to join their networks in order to deliver on-target reach to brand campaigns.

Technology plays a part in contextual hyper-targeting, but it is an insufficient solution for assessing the quality and tone of a site’s content and the placement of the advertising spaces. Furthermore, breakthrough creative cannot be delivered by targeting technologies reaching the consumer on remnant inventory. Instead, marketers must combine optimization technology with knowledgeable experts and access to premium placements so that the most compelling creative can be served to engage the right audience.

Once the hyper-targeted sites are identified, marketers face the dilemma of how to deliver compelling creative for an immersive brand experience. The most effective creative on these sites delivers entertainment and information value to the site publisher and their audience. As a brand, you want to touch your audience multiple times and in varied ways so that your value can be experienced:

• Overlay video offers 15 seconds of video content with user-audio initiated that covers a small portion of the page. Featuring celebrities, products or animations, this is similar branding to network and cable television promoting a new show in the bottom of the screen while another program plays. When done well, it is noticed and appreciated.

• Communicating banners offer another visual way to enhance a site and entertain a visitor. Communicating banners have two or three banners on a page that interact with each other — creating an entertaining surround for the content on the page. More than a roadblock or companion ad (which are other good ideas), communicating banners extend an interaction to the consumer.

• Content syndication is a compelling new alternative for brand marketers that have a database of content or a meaningful way to extend their customers’ contributed stories. Publishers embrace quality content that will be valued by their audience — video, RSS, HTML or any format that works for both parties. Scalable delivery technology through vertical ad networks ensures that the content will be available only to brand-safe sites with the right hyper-targeted audience.

General Motors, Proctor & Gamble and Liberty Mutual Insurance are examples of strong brand advertisers who have created compelling and immersive brand experiences online — leveraging their most compelling creative and reaching their on-target audience efficiently.

Brand marketers are recognizing the impact of delivering their most compelling creative to hyper-targeted audiences. The results are increased brand awareness, brand affinity and purchase intent. Vertical ad networks make it seamless and scalable to source hyper-targeted inventory, deliver compelling creative, and measure the impact.

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Netvibes Review

In the age of information explosion, large amount of information is filled with our daily life. Grasping useful information we need quickly will help us a lot. Here comes to the gateway to the user’s personal environment


There are several features about Netviebes which encourages me to keep on using it.


1.      Users interface

Netvibes offers variety of contents including Browse Categories, Essential widgets and Customized “Add a feed”. When I was attracted by this website at the first time, all I needed to do is to click “Add contents” bottom. Everything I wanted to facilitate my daily routine is focused on one webpage in 10 minutes. Most websites and blogs already have the Netvibes button in this website. If you see the button, click it and the RSS Feed or the widget will automatically add to your page.


Besides, Netvibes has an amazing ecosystem which is the largest widget directory. It’s easy to find widgets for the best services and news, create yours, share them with your friends and add them to your personal start page to manage your digital life. There are several categories in it such as news, business, sport, TV/movies/music, tools/technology, fun/games, lifestyle, shopping, travel which combines Rss feeds, videos and podcasts into the same top-quality, multi-tabbed, user-customized widgets that we can get access to.


2. New technology, new platform.

We build widgets once with Netvibes and it runs everywhere. Netvibes’ award-winning start page technology pioneered the super-personalized start page and established the leading universal widgets (UWA), the open-source standard for cross-platform widgets. That means widgets I built by Netvibes can automatically put into virtually all major start pages (Netvibes, iGoogle,, desktops (Mac OS X Dashboard, Windows Vista), Web browsers, blogs, social networks and mobile devices.


3. Business Highlight -Reliable Brands

When we add content into our first page, there comes to more than 1000 of today’s leading publishers and brands, including Wired, TIME, Newsweek, New York Times, and USA Today including some famous domestic website. I believe these brands makes netvibes more reliable and international the first time I choose some of these brands as my widgets.


On the other hand, it helps some of today’s leading brands and publishers maximize widget usage, exposure and longevity. Because it creates a daily environment for user’s engagement


In this way, I believe it’s the best win-win business mode in the new media.

Besides these features, I find new media technology has converged 3 major aspects, based on which Netvibes can give us everything.


First, life is made easier by harnessing Netvibes.

Netvibes ensures us the best built-in practice that maximizes my daily user interaction within personal environment. We won’t be confused so much information that beyond our reach until setting up our own widgets dealing with news, videos, and pictures. It allows us quick access to the desirable information.


We can also build our social networking on Netvibes. It can instantly rate, comment on and share any content or widget from the start page. Activity feeds show us what friends are up to, new content we’ve commented on or starred, and new widgets we’ve installed. Netvibes Premium Universe even connects with widely popular social networks like Facebook and MySpace.


Second, Netvibes make it more productive on the web.

Besides building our own favorite pages including our email boxs, blogs, and calendar, we can also build another page showing to others once we click the “go to my public page”bottom. That’s the personal webpage beyond the meaning of blog because it contains various contents that from the efforts of thousands websites.


As search engine is the widely used tools for individuals and organizations now. In the Netvibes, we never need to open another page to get access to Google engine because it becomes the part of Netvibes.


Third, new tools make website extendable.

Netvibes has opened its platform to allow publishers and developers to benefit from its technology. Netvibes Universal Widget API (UWA) is a free widget framework. I can easily become a personal developer followed by the tutorials Netviebes offers me. I can build a multiple-feed widget, which let me send my own contents (in the form of a UWA widget, a Flash file or an iCal file) to automatically register them into Ecosystem as widgets.

There are also third-party tools in Netvibes. The most interesting one is FriendFeed. I can import my Netvibes public timeline into my FriendFeed timeline, and share it to other FriendFeed users. When logged in FriendFeed, click the “Share something” button, “Import your stuff” link, the “See all 35 services”, and select “Netvibes”. When prompted, I can import Netvibes button quickly. Future adjunction to my public timeline will be displayed in FriendFeed.

All in all, we can get all what we want to get in Netvibes. We create everything by Netvibes, and Netvibes allows us to publish what we create on every other websites.

That’s the best experience I have ever had when suffering on the internet.

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Sometimes I don’t like facebook

The news feeds and status updates of Facebook friends or reading the tweets following on Twitter, it seems that interactions with friends and brands in the virtual world have exploded exponentially in a way that has easily outpaced the interactions people have in the real world.

Hey, guys,Do you have enough hours in real life to keep track of that much about anyone or anything you really beloved?

It’s sure a good thing to get facebook become a channel for long-lost friends to reconnect.But sometimes we don’t need to so much flashback in our real life.It’s more a burden than a boast.

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Facebook Audience Growth


Women Over 55 Take Facebook by Storm

The number of US women over age 55 using Facebook grew by 175.3% since September 2008, making mature females one of the fastest growing demographic groups on the social network, according to usage statistics released by independent blog Inside Facebook.

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Social media ecology

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a brief history

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PR’s prospective in Europe

so says a report by Professor Ralph Tench from Leeds Met University. The report, claimed to be the largest of its kind, looked at European Communication Managers’ perceptions of the practice in 2008 and found that Europe is lagging behind the States on three types of influence measures:

Source: Leeds Metropolitan University
Type Europe US
Advisory influence
PR recommendations
taken seriously by
senior management
5.21 5.67
Executive influence
PR involved in
decision making
4.77 5.33
Status discrepancy
(difference between
advisory and executive
-0.44 -0.34

The research was conducted among 37 European countries and some of the summary findings found:

  • Online video and social networks will be the hottest emerging channels in 2009
  • Three out of four PR professionals working in Europe are involved in Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategy and measurement are highlighted as major issues for each of the 37 country respondents

It would be interesting to see the breakdown of the European countries. I’ve heard both David Brain and Wolfgang Lunenburger mention on a number of occasions that Europe is not a country and chances are the results for the UK, with an established PR market, would be comparably better than those from an emerging European country where the practice is relatively new.

You can get the full report at

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Opportunity Compaign

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obama also won the most watched events on the internet

Election Day in the U.S. is fast approaching and it’s anyone’s guess who will win. However, is this really true? Based on five key indicators on the Internet, maybe we already know who will next be sitting in the Oval Office.

1. Site Traffic Winner: Obama

Barack Obama’s site receives 5.5 million unique visitors, while John McCain’s site receives 3.1 million, according to Compete data. While McCain has gained slightly in recent months, he hasn’t made up much ground on Obama’s 44 percent lead in this key metric. Alexa, another tracking tool, shows the same trend.

McCain vs. Obama Unique Visitors Chart

Business Nugget: Businesses should constantly monitor tools like Compete, Alexa, Hitwise, Nielsen, comScore, and the like to benchmark where they stand in relation to competition. Many of these tools have free and premium offerings.

2. Social Media Winner: Obama

McCain has garnered the support of 572,009 “fans” on Facebook, which is among the highest on the site. However, it pales in comparison to Obama’s 2,071,473 fans. Obama’s lead is even larger than this indicates because these numbers don’t add in separate fan pages for Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, Students for Obama, Women for Obama, etc.

It’s interesting that there aren’t too many ancillary support pages like these for McCain. For example, Michelle Obama has 127,000 fans, while Cindy McCain has 758 fans. It’s also intriguing that searches for Sarah Palin funnel to the McCain-Palin page, whereas Biden has his own distinct fan page. Unfortunately for the McCain ticket, their largest ancillary group is the rogue “I Have More Foreign Policy Experience than Sarah Palin,” with 220,000 participants.

The “friend” divide is just as prevalent on MySpace with Obama having 697,535 friends to McCain’s 169,326. McCain gets some help from Palin on MySpace where she has 81,988 friends on her profile to Biden’s 27,652.

Business Nugget: As has been pointed out in this column for quite some time now, Facebook is dominating MySpace (in this instance by volume of fans/friends). Also of interest for businesses are the different strategies that must be decided upon in social media. If I’m Coke, do I funnel everyone to one fan page (i.e., McCain) or do I send those interested in the various brands (Diet Coke, Coke Classic) to unique fan pages (i.e., Obama).

Obama and McCain's Facebook Supporters

3. Paid Search Winner: McCain

Republicans have been savvier on paid search throughout the election year. The most glaring example of this is if you type in the keyword “Presidential Election.” Two listings come up for McCain in the sponsored listings, whereas Obama has zero.

The same holds true for the search term “vote.” Shockingly, though, both parties fail to have a listing for the key phrase “register to vote.”

Business Nugget: Paid search is mission critical to most businesses these days. However, many fail to do one basic thing: constantly manually check major key term results. With all the sophistication in paid search, businesses often get mired down in the details and miss major problems on the most important search terms.

4. Organic Search Winner: Tie

Of the five Internet items we selected to view, this one is the most intriguing. Let’s use Google Insights to see what the public was searching on more: “McCain” or “Obama.”

Over the last year for every search on “McCain,” there have been 2.2 searches for “Obama.” This ratio remains relatively constant if you only look at the last 90 and 30 days of data as well.

However, when you throw Palin into the mix, Palin searches way outperform McCain searches, and actually even outperform those of Obama. Hence, when you combine Palin and McCain, there are actually more searches than if you combine Obama and Biden.

This holds relatively true as you look at the battleground states of Ohio and Florida. In Florida on an indexed scale over the last 30 days, the searches broke down as follows: Palin (73), Obama (61), McCain (38), Biden (10). Part of that could be from people searching for videos of Tina Fey spoofing Palin on “Saturday Night Live.” The national intrigue in Palin is something we’ve never seen and is difficult to account for.

Compete data shows that two of the top five search terms driving traffic to McCain’s site include “Palin,” whereas “Biden” doesn’t show up in the top five search terms driving traffic to Obama’s site.

Because of Palin’s recent effect, call this one a tie instead of an Obama win, even though “Obama” has more than twice the amount of searches than “McCain.”

Business Nugget: Smart corporations use Google Insights to help predict where their business may be going and what their users are interested it. Super smart corporations go one step further and drill down into geographic nuances.

5. YouTube Winner: Obama

The Barack Obama YouTube channel has 100,000 subscribers and the videos have been viewed 17.1 million times. The John McCain YouTube channel has 24,000 subscribers and has been viewed 11.1 million times. These numbers speak for themselves.

Business Nugget: Every business should have a dedicated brand channel on YouTube. Marketing departments should also keep an eye on what corporate and competitive videos are out there. YouTube Insights shows the number of views a video has on sites outside of YouTube (embedded) and identifies what parts of the video people don’t find interesting. Also, we decided to call-out YouTube as it’s own item, but it could have been rolled into social media.

These five Internet items are interesting to look at in an election context since the same methods of research and strategy can and should be used to build your company’s brand.

Overall Internet Winner: Obama. But will it be enough to win the election?

Join us for a Search Engine Marketing Training in Boston, November 6 at the Hilton Boston Back Bay. Not only will you walk away with the knowledge and skills to be a successful search engine marketer, you’ll also jumpstart your career and enhance your professional know-how.


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Erik Qualman is the Global Vice President of Online Marketing for EF Education, headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland. EF Education is the world’s largest private educator (Student Tours, Language Schools, Smithsonian, Hult MBA School, Au Pair Exchange, Student Exchange, etc.). Qualman works out of the 850 person Cambridge, Massachusetts office.Prior to joining EF Education, Qualman helped grow the marketing and eBusiness functions of Cadillac & Pontiac (1994-97), BellSouth (1998-2000), Yahoo (2000-03), EarthLink (2003-05) and Travelzoo (2005-08). Qualman holds a BA from Michigan State University and an MBA from The University of Texas at Austin.

Qualman is a frequently requested speaker within the Internet and marketing community. He’s also an acclaimed fiction author — more information is available at American Novel. A former basketball player at Michigan State University, Qualman still finds time to follow his beloved Spartans.